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Protect yourself and your bike with a comprehensive bike policy

The team at New American Insurance understands the joys that come with motorcycle ownership! We are here to help bike owners in the greater Columbia, SC area protect themselves and their motorcycles.

Benefits of a comprehensive motorcycle insurance policy

Owning a bike is a great thrill, but it also comes with its challenges. If you are wondering if you have the right type and amount of bike insurance, it may be time for a policy review.

There are a lot of different motorcycle insurance policy options available in our area. If you think it may be time to upgrade, it’s worth the time to review your options. 

When you have a comprehensive policy, you have more protection from loss or damage. With a basic, bare-bones policy, you may find yourself having to come out of pocket for any expenses that exceed your policy level limits. For instance, involvement in an accident that causes injuries or property losses can quickly exceed the amount of coverage that a basic policy provides.

If you want to have more robust coverage in place, it’s time to explore your options. A comprehensive policy can help protect you from theft, vandalism, and damage. It can also keep you insulated from financial exposure when it comes to property damage and medical expenses. 

Why not enjoy your bike while knowing that you have the robust insurance protection you need? Now’s a great time to explore the possibilities. 

Learn more about your bike policy options today!

New American Insurance is here to help our neighbors in the greater Columbia, SC area protect their investments. This is true for all types of vehicles, including motorcycles. If you would like to find out more, call or stop by our office today!

Do You Need Motorcycle Insurance If You Rarely Ride Your Bike?

Are you struggling to justify a motorcycle insurance policy because you never ride your bike? At New American Insurance, serving Columbia, SC, we can help you understand why you still need a motorcycle insurance policy, even if you rarely ever get out on your bike.

Do You Truly Need Motorcycle Insurance? Yes!

Even if you only get your bike out for weekend rides in the summer and mostly keep it parked the rest of the year, you need insurance to avoid severe legal and financial troubles. People without motorcycle insurance may end up getting severe tickets if they drive or end up experiencing other problems. These issues will vary based on their situation but often include a variety of:

  • Crashes – If you get into a severe blow while riding, you’ll need high-quality motorcycle insurance to pay for any damages that you might cause to anybody else on the road. 
  • Medical Care Coverage – Did you know that you’re going to have to pay for someone’s medical treatment if you hurt them on your motorcycle? With insurance, you won’t. 
  • Vehicular Damage – When you have a high-quality motorcycle insurance policy, any damage you did not cause through negligence can be covered by your policy. 

Make sure to talk to your agent about this type of coverage to ensure that you get the best results. Many people may have to tweak their options several times before they are comfortable. Others may find that it is necessary to work with a different company to find results that work for their needs. 

Contact Us Today to Learn More 

Do you want a motorcycle insurance policy to keep your vehicle safe? Then, please contact us at New American Insurance right away to learn more. We serve the Columbia, SC area and give you the finest policy to find and work to make it suit your needs. 

How can motorcycle insurance protect someone in Columbia?

When you live in the Columbia, SC area, having some form of transportation is important. A great option for those that live in this area is to have a motorcycle, which can be fun and efficient to drive. If you would like to get one of these, it is important to get insurance. A motorcycle coverage plan can protect someone here in several ways. 

Liability Coverage

If you are going to ride a motorcycle anywhere, there is always a chance that an accident will occur. If you are found to be at fault for your accident, it will be your responsibility to cover the damages. This risk can be mitigated if you get proper motorcycle insurance, as it will include a provision for liability coverage. This form of coverage is also a state law requirement for all motorcycle owners.

Coverage to Protect Motorcycle

If you would like to get a motorcycle, it will be an asset that you will want to protect as well as you can. A great way that you can do this is by getting a full motorcycle insurance plan that will include collision and comprehensive protection. With this type of protection for your motorcycle, you will know you have coverage if your asset is stolen or damaged in the future. 

There continue to be a lot of advantages that come when you get motorcycle insurance coverage. If you are shopping for a new plan for your Columbia, SC area motorcycle, speaking with New American Insurance would be a good option. New American Insurance can help a lot by helping you evaluate your needs on a personal basis. We will answer the questions you have and give you the support needed to pick the right policy for you. 

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